As a Distribution and Service Center, Quality Metals has earned the recognition of most of the Metals Roofing companies.

In the intent of providing our customers with everything they need when installing a Metal Roof we offer the following services and products:

    * Steel coil in standard and custom widths and gauges  (Galvalume, Painted Kynar, Painted SMP, Galvanized)

    * Flat Sheets in different gauges (Galvalume, Painted Kynar, Painted SMP, Galvanized)

    * UL Certified Standing Seam Panels (ML Series, NS Series, SL Series), on site and factory made.

    * Texas Department of Insurance Certification

    * Exposed fastener panels (PBR, R, AG, 5VCrimp)

    * Metal Soffit Panels

    * In house trim and flashing fabrication (Standard and custom)

    * Components (Clips, Sealants, Fasteners, Closures, underlayment, etc…)


    * Design (New Construction, Retrofit)

    * Project Management

    * Watertight Warranty

    * Supervision

    * Estimating / Take off

Actually, we are in the process of getting the following Certifications:

    * HUB

    * US Corps of Engineers

Our focus is on extraordinary service. We are successfully growing by offering creative metal solutions, competitive pricing, exceptional quality, and by exceeding your service requirements.

QM makes every effort to understand and respond to the needs of our customers, by having their material on hand and ready to ship.

QM can help your company reduce downtime, the need for storage space and investment in inventory.
Our lead-times are kept to an absolute minimum. We are proactively managing and increasing customer specific inventory items with just in time deliveries that add value to your operations.


Tel. 210 227 72 76


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