The Mechanical Lock features structural performance as well as architectural aesthetics in ML-200 (2” High). Can be formed on site for all substrates. Concealed fasteners with a fixed and floating clip system reduce the effect go thermal stresses on the panels, helping to maintain a beautifully smooth, uniform appearance despite fluctuations in temperature.


ML-200 i s a mechanically field-seamed, vertical leg standing seam roof system that combines a 2 ” tall slim rib with exceptional uplift resistance. It is available in both 16-inch and 18-inch widths. ML-200 has been designed to withstand the most rigorous weather conditions. ML-200 can be installed directly over purlins or bar joists. 




24 GA steel.

Colors available on standard, premium and metallic.

Coverage 16” and 18" MAX 

On site or factory made.

Available in smooth, striated and stiffener ribs.

UL Construction Number: TGKX90, TGKX180, TGKX180, TGKX238, TGKX238A,     TGKX238B,TGKX298, TGKX437 TGKX449, TGKX451, TGKX452, TGKX482, 

   TGKX487, TGKX633 and TGKX639.

Uplift resistance of prepared roof-covering materials UL 580 Class90.

Impact resistance of prepared roof-covering materials UL2218 Class 4.

Fire tests of roof coverings UL 790. Class A, B, C. External fire exposure.

TDI Texas Approved.

Product Specifications

Applications: Roof

Coverage Widths: 16” - 18" Max.

Minumum Slope: 1 1/2:12

Panel Attachment: Standing Seam System, Fixed and Floating Clip.

Gauges: 24 (standard), 22 and 26 (optional)

Coatings: Galvalume®, Durapon 70®, Ceranamel®.

Stiffener Ribs


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