The ML-150 Mechanical Lock (1.5” High standing seam) features structural performance as well as architectural aesthetics. ML-150 Panels can be factory formed and/or fabricated, for all substrates, at project locations. Utilizes concealed fasteners with a fixed and/or floating clip system. The floating clip system reduces the effects of thermal stresses on the panels helping to maintain a beautifully smooth, and uniform appearance, despite fluctuations in temperature. ML-150 Mechanical Lock Panel is a mechanically seamed, vertical leg, standing seam roof system that combines a 1.5-inch tall slim rib with exceptional uplift resistance. ML-150 Panels are designed to withstand the most rigorous weather conditions. The ML-150 Panel is available in a 16-inch width and allows for the installation directly over purlins and bar joists.
  • 24 GA steel.
  • Colors available on standard, premium and metallic.
  • Coverage 16” MAX.
  • On site or factory made.
  • Available in smooth, striated and stiffener ribs.
  • UL Construction Number: TGKX554.
  • Uplift resistance of prepared roof-covering materials UL 580 Class90.
  • Impact resistance of prepared roof-covering materials UL2218 Class 4.
  • Fire tests of roof coverings UL 790. Class A, B, C. External fire exposure.
  • TDI Texas Approved.
Product Specifications
  • Applications: Roof.
  • Coverage Widths: 16.00” Max.
  • Minumum Slope: 1 1/2:12
  • Panel Attachment: Standing Seam System, Fixed and Floating Clip.
  • Gauges: 24 (standard), 22 and 26 (optional)
  • Coatings: Galvalume®, Durapon 70®, Ceranamel®.
  • Substructure: Plywood or OSB to be a nominal 5/8 inch thick.

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