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Quality Metals offers a wide variety of colors, including metallic and exotic finishes, Quality Metals Storm Armor incorporates a high quality exterior grade and durable, color fast ceramic pigments. Our efficient custom color matching process provides quick delivery of special colors to meet customer needs. The use of mica pigments in the metallic colors eliminates the need for clear overcoat.


Our special base resin resist dirt pick up and provides a durable tough finish that is extra stretch, stain, and mar resistant. new low gloss/sheen textured systems which provide improved abrasion resistance and a “natural look”.

Designed for 24 GA Metal Products

Durapon 70™ is harder and more flexible than other premium PVDF coatings on the market. This coating system creates a surface that’s exceptionally resistant to installation scratching, marring and transit abrasion, and has the flexibility to handle the most demanding post-forming operations. Durapon 70 is licensed with Hylar® 5000.

Designed for 26 GA Metal Products

The XT-40S™ coil coating finishes provide a new level of long-term exterior performance for building product applications. The XT-40S Series is formulated with a proprietary super durable polyester resin which provides superior resistance to chalking, fading and environmental weathering. The silicone modified system also uses only the highest quality exterior grade and ceramic pigmentation to insure the best available long term high U.V. radiation color and gloss retention.



Quality Metals Galvalume®

Galvalume® superior performance has been proven in the field. A patented alloy of barrier-resistant aluminum and corrosion fighting zinc gives Galvalume® it's superior corrosion resistance. Most Galvalume® substrates feature an alloy that is 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. Test have proven this alloy superior to the zinc-only coating used in regular galvanized sheating.

QM Paint Grip

Quality Metals Paint Grip

Paint Grip  is  pre-treated  at  the  mill for subsequent painting in the as-received condition. The sheet goes through a phospatizing   process  which  produces  a  deposit  of  hydrated  zync  on  the  galvanized surface,  obtaining  a dull gray appearance. This coating provides a good adherent base for painting, and also extends the life of the painted surface. Paint Grip is intended to be painted and the unfinished surface may weather unevenly*

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